Wednesday, November 19, 2008


If it wasn't for the cross where would you and I be today? We celebrate 3-fold communion here at Grace and we savor the time. This past Sunday night hundreds of us gathered and celebrated what Jesus did for us. We wanted the cross and Jesus to be the focal point of the evening, so we opened by carrying out a cross. My staff carried the cross. It was deeply moving to do that with my guys. Something comes out of you when you carry a cross.

A deep appreciation for Jesus came to the surface for me. If I could have frozen time, I would have, as we knelt there during the opening of our communion. You see everything changed there for me, a long time ago. Jesus took my sin, and died for it. I am eternally grateful for that gift.

We give our people a chance to go on a journey during the night, a time of confession, a time to reflect, a time to write, a time to sit, a time to pray, a time to remember. Our whole building was used for this journey.

We have times of worship, praise, foot washing, bread and cup, and the love feast meal. It was a very moving evening. We had our 3 worship pastors lead us in worship, to close out the evening. As they wrapped the evening up, they spotlighted the cross again, and people just came and knelt there.

Take time today and thank Jesus for the cross, and take time to share the cross story with someone else.

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