Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Life is a Puzzle

Some situations are easier than others, some more challenging, and some just require some major help. But if everyone chips in and does their part it sure does make it more enjoyable.

But some wander away, while others stay disciplined and focused, and remain on mission ,until the task is completed. Putting a puzzle together can seem overwhelming at the beginning, especially if it is one of those "impossible puzzles." You know the kind I am talking about, the ones that have too many pieces of one color, or too many little pieces.

I often wonder what God's perspective is as he watches us live this life out? Do we bail out when it gets too difficult? Do we rely too much on others to do our part? Do we get distracted and walk away from the mission at hand? Or are we the ones that see it through?

Well, this puzzle was a team effort, and I played God on this one. The puzzle was almost completely finished with only one piece missing, and they searched high and low for it. Finally Dad pulled it out of his pocket, and put it in, to the dismay of everyone else. Well you know our Father in Heaven likes to be part of the plan too!


Andy Jewett said...


Dana said...

I knew you and Emmon were too much alike......guess who ALWAYS seems to have the last puzzle piece at our house?! How childish! lol!

jim said...

it just comes natural