Thursday, December 11, 2008

Very rarely

Very rarely will you see us put a picture of our building, on any of our marketing material. We realize that the building is not the church, but the people are. The building is a tool to do the ministry in.

Well I have been reflecting and praising God this morning, for a variety of things, and I took time to go down memory lane, when we were busting at the seams in our old location on Clinton street. We knew we needed to do something, and we prayed that God would show us. So we started a dream called, HERE WE COME! Rich, Carol, Anne, yours truly, Jeremiah and Pregnant Marcie were so excited that day.

We had a dream team assembled, and they were scouting the area for land. Well, one day I was riding by this large piece of property, and told my wife that the land would be a great place for a church to be built. Well, it wasn't for sale, nor did we know the owner, nor did we have a clue if they would sell it. We approached them, and she shared that it was passed down to her from her father, and he had since passed on. But she felt like her dad would be thrilled, to see a church built on that land. We eventually gathered 100's of us on the land, after a Sunday morning worship service at the Goshen Middle School, to dedicate the land and the dream!

I am thanking God today for people like Arlene Christner who sold us the land. Her willingness to part with the land, has given us a chance to reach 1000's for Jesus. I will never forget that day, when we unveiled our sign.

It has been an amazing journey since that day. In fact, over the last 4 years we have seen over 1000 people, come to a saving knowledge of Jesus! Thanks Arlene and thanks God for giving us an incredible facility to do ministry in!

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