Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Stuck in the Ditch

One of the reasons I love my Jeep, is that it is 4 wheel drive. This allows me to do some fun things off road. I pull the sleds of my kids all over our property. My son, Josh, also owns a 4 wheel drive Trooper. We spent one winter evening, in the back field, chasing each other, all over the place.
Just yesterday, Pastor Jerimae was on his way to the office, and came upon this vehicle, that ran off the road. A sweet couple in their 80's needed to be rescued. Jerimae picked them up, and brought them to Grace. The staff then jumped into my Jeep, and hooked up the chain to pull them out.
Traffic was pretty tight, but we managed to drag the vehicle and Craig, who was inside, out of the ditch.
You know it just feels good to rescue people...

Lots of thoughts crashed through my mind yesterday as we were helping this couple? I wonder how many people right now are in a ditch, and need to be rescued? I wonder if God himself takes a few minutes with thumbs up, after another person is eternally rescued? I wonder how many people drive right by people who need to be rescued? I wonder how the rescued felt yesterday? Needless to say there are tons of lost people all around us, in a ditch waiting to rescued. Will you rescue them?

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