Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Date with my Daughter

Last night, I had a date with my daughter, Hannah. We went out to eat, and then enjoyed the evening at a Daddy-Daughter Dance. I thoroughly enjoyed every second of the evening. We spent the evening with many other Dads, who were loving on their daughters too. Hannah can really dance well, I am still learning.

I took time throughout the night and shared with her, that I love her and think the sky is the limit for her. She is beautiful inside and out, and her love Jesus humbles me. This was our 4th dance together, and each year I realize, that I won't have too many more evenings alone with her, like this one. But, that sure didn't stop us from enjoying the moment.
I will say what I said last night in front of everyone, Hannah you truly are a gift from God. I love you and thank you, for being the best daughter in the whole wide world!

Thanks for a great date night Hannah!

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Anonymous said...

I miss though times with my daughter.Seeing you both together with big smiles put a smile on my face as well.Thanks for shaing the moment!!!!!!!!