Thursday, February 12, 2009

Self Control

A leadership quality that often gets overlooked is self-control. Self -control is the ability to tell yourself not to react in way, that your body or mind is telling you to. Self-control is discipline, the ability to let the Spirit rule your responses, instead of the flesh. This quality is often overlooked in our world, yet any good leader, can blow his chance to influence others, the second they lose it.

This summer I traveled with my family to Thailand and Cambodia. The trip took 36 hours, once we left Chicago. We spent time in 11 airports, on our round trip. My kids became international travelers, as did Anne and I. We found ourselves physically tired on many occasions.

We also spent gobs of time reading flight arrival and departure monitors. We literally spent 3 days, in the transition stage of flying and waiting.

We reminded our kids that it would be tough adjusting to the time zone differences. We encouraged them to be willing to see this as a time to grow. And man, did they ever bless us, with their exercise of patience and self control. They adjusted and never complained

When we finally landed in Thailand, we were weary yet excited. We piled into the back of a pickup truck, and drove through Changmai Thailand, it was a hoot!

The Bible says that the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. People have often asked me, how Anne and I parent. Well, we bleed the Deuteronomy principle of teaching them as you go, connecting life to God, with truths of the Bible. On this trip my kids lead the way, and taught us by their self-control. Self-control will play out in so many positive ways as they mature. If you want to lead well, exercise self-control.


Dana said...

Jim & Anne, I for one witnessed time and time again your style of parenting on that trip. It is no wonder that you have three of the most awesome kids that I have ever had the pleasure to be around......never a complaint or problem with any of them. They are truly amazing individuals and I can't wait to know them as adults!

Jim said...

Thanks Dana