Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Feed The Children

Today we unloaded and gave away 400 meals for families. These meals will last for a week. It was an incredible experience for me, as I helped pack the food into the vehicles that were lined double-wide, completely around our parking lot.

I said this many times this morning, "I love my church!" My church digs in, and helps all the time. They love helping people, it is part of their DNA!
We also had a ton of fun loading up the food, it turned into a competition, and it was outrageously fun! Guys and gals were running back into the gym reloading their carts, and running back to load vehicles. One of the many things I love about Grace, is that we know how to enjoy each other, and serving others.During this difficult time in our community, on a rainy dreary day, people dressed in Blue, gave hope, extended love, and poured some confidence into people. Well Done Grace Community, Well Done!

May many people be brought to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ as a result of this outreach!

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