Thursday, March 12, 2009


A few weeks ago, I used BOB as a visual in my message. Body-Opponent-Bag... I talked about the insecurities that men deal with all the time, and how they play out in their lives. We mask our insecurities in a variety of ways. We hide, run, and pretend, so that the real person will not be seen. Sometimes it goes undetected.
But men want to be wanted, they work hard to out-perform other men, so that they can be accepted. All because, they forget where their true identity can be found, in JESUS CHRIST! Our wives weld so much power in this area, by using words of affirmation, and telling us "we are da man!" But truth be known, all we have to do is pull away, and get alone with Jesus, and we soon will find great security in him.

Take time away today in solitude and quietness, and listen to Jesus. You will experience peace and confidence that will blow you away.

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