Monday, March 23, 2009

What a Sunday

A few times in a pastor's life, does he feel like God just did something in people's lives, where it could be forever. That is how I felt yesterday and still feel today. Not that God doesn't do this everyday, in people's lives, but not on the scale like yesterday.
You see, we find ourselves in the midst of a 21 day fast, and finishing up a series, on getting to know the heart of a man. I spoke on the subject of loyalty, and God showed up in an unusual way. Our worship time was rich and people were open to GOD.
After a heartfelt plea from me, on being loyal to our wives, I gave a chance for men to publicly commit. The vow had this in it, "I will be with you, until you bury me or I bury you, with God's help." Men grabbed their wives and made vows of loyalty, single men came forward making vows of loyalty to their future wives, and I prayed over these people.
Needless to say, It was stirring to watch this take place. Here is my plea and groaning from deep within me, "that God will break the stronghold of divorce and marriages would flourish." Imagine how many resources God unloaded on each man yesterday, after he made that commitment. What a sight that must have been in the heavenlies! May Grace Community lead the way in our community, and world, in this area! Great job Men!


Andy Jewett said...

amazing service... thanks for letting God use you, Jim.

Anonymous said...

Wow! That is awesome and so, so timely! Thanks for paying attention to something that the CHURCH needs to pay much more attention to!

Anonymous said...


It was incredible. Thanks so much for being willing to preach TRUTH. I think people are craving it.