Monday, May 4, 2009

Prom Night

I must admit my son cleans up pretty good. Josh spent Saturday night at the high school prom with Bailey. I was asked to park the cars of the couples as they dropped off their dates for the night. It was a hoot to park cars, along with other junior fathers. I was tempted to take a few of them for rides, after I pulled away. There were muscle cars from the 60's and lots of hot rods.

Josh hung out with some friends before hand, and posed for some pictures. The photo above is one of Josh's friends since kindergarten, Micah, along with his date Richelle.

Our exchange student, Gaute, also took the evening in with a friend,Diamond. Oh yeah, Gaute was crowned as Prince for the evening, along with another exchange student as princess. It sure is fun watching Josh grow up into a handsome young man.
Anne and I took one last spin this morning in the BMW, before we returned it! I sure could get used to driving that sweet machine.

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