Friday, May 1, 2009

Smiling through your kids

Anne and I sure I grinned a lot, last night and today. Well you see, this weekend is the Junior-Senior Prom at Fairfield. So, I was able to secure a pretty sweet ride for Josh. My friend, Wes, owns a BMW 325 CI.

Last night we picked it up, and Josh and Isaiah drove it home. It was fun to follow behind them and see them enjoy the ride.
Josh also gave Gaute a ride last night, and got a grip on how the top operates.
This morning, Hannah, Josh, and Gaute headed to school with the top down. Hannah could hardly contain her excitement.
Now here is the thought that really hit me hard, this morning. I was so happy for my kids. It was just so much fun to see them enjoying a gift, that somehow we were able to pass on to them. I kept smiling through them, and it brought me great joy to see them happy.

I wonder if God our Father, feels the same way as he passes on a blessing or two to us, and then sees us really enjoying it? I gotta believe, that he smiles and grins, as he watches his kids enjoy a gift, that he has given to them. That thought brought a smile to my face. Enjoy the ride guys, we have enjoyed it through you !

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Beth said...

wow jim i cant believe your friend has the same car i do!!!LOL