Thursday, June 11, 2009

Goodbyes are tough

Last night we said goodbye to Gaute at the South Bend Airport. He was headed back to Norway after living with us this entire school year. There were lots of tears at the airport and the vehicle was silent for a bit as we pulled away. My family and a car load of his friends joined us there. We took pictures and talked and tried to delay the goodbye as long as possible.
The last hug was Anne and I holding on, as any parent would, with tenderness and pain. As we walked away I didn't look back, because I wanted to remember that last hug, instead of him walking away. He became an adopted son to us (he was an exchange student from Norway) and we loved on him as if he were our own. Gaute blended well and made tons of new friends. We have so many good memories etched in our minds like the one above. He was a model student and adjusted well to the American Life. He never gave us any trouble and added a lot of joy to our household. We will miss him dearly.

Even as I type this morning, I still feel the pain of his absence. I'm going to miss you buddy! Please continue to process some of truths that were planted in your heart about Jesus. The world is a better place because of your presence. As my mom always says, "see ya later" because goodbyes sound too final!

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