Wednesday, August 5, 2009

In the trenches

Just do it! So much time is wasted on blog sites, twitter, Facebook and other Internet forums discussing how someone or some ministry is doing something in their ministry that the author doesn't agree with. There are people who spend their entire forums critiquing other people to nausea. I want to say, " okay we get it, we don't need another post, go use that time and lead someone to Jesus." Go invest your resources on that neighbor who is going to hell.

Somewhere in the fray of all this, are people, I believe, who are wanting to do what is right, missing the major thing that Jesus asked us to do, Go make disciples!

That is what I love about this picture, three young men from Grace Community, spent a week at Momentum Youth Conference with a guy that was not on the narrow path. But when a call was given to surrender to Jesus, Jordan came and was supported and prayed for by these guys.

This blesses my heart, because these guys get it! And one of them is my son, Josh! Please Lord Jesus, help us to stay on track!

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