Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Be Ready

This blind is where Isaiah and I will be sitting this Saturday morning. We will arrive early with flashlights in tow, hoping to settle in, without waking the creatures around us.

Our thermoses will be full of hot drinks and our guns will be loaded. We will listen intently to every sound that the forest brings us as it wakes up.The sounds of squirrels scampering across the leaves, birds chirping good-morning, dew dripping off the trees as the sun warms them up, the wind whistling through the foliage. We will watch the day begin.

Yet, the sound that will awaken us, cause the blood to thicken in our veins, get the adrenaline pumping , will be that of a deer entering our hunting zone. I can picture Isaiah's beady eyes and racing heart as he looks at me. I can feel the moment as I type this blog that will be shared with my son, as two boys whisper, "He's the ONE!"

This blind that blends in with the rest of creation, almost unseen, will be full of ammunition and ready to kill, almost unnoticed by the prey. Yet, ready to take it's target down.

I wonder if that is exactly the enemy's tactic for this day on our lives? As he sits waiting, hiding, blending in, unnoticed by us, yet ready to steal, kill and destroy. Oh my, be alert because the enemy is lurking and waiting and seeking whom he may devour!

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