Friday, November 27, 2009

Post Thanks

It all began sitting in a tree stand waiting for Big Bubba... Thanks Jesus for friends who let you hunt on their property.

Pre-Turkey hoops with my boys and other friends. Thanks Jesus for good health and a great run with my sons. The header above my head seems appropriate doesn't it!
The main course as seen from my actual plate. Thanks Jesus for food and a beautiful wife that outdid herself, and the coma induced sleep that follows so that...

I didn't have to suffer watching the Mighty Lions lose again, 34-12. At least some things remain a constant. Thanks Jesus for comfy couches, remote controls and afternoon naps.
A game of clue while watching Bull Run marathon on speed channel. Thanks for my precious family that is my pride and joy!

Wrapping up the night at the Movies watching BLIND SIDE, outstanding movie. Thanks God for reclining chairs especially when you end up in the second row.
And thanks Jesus for another year of life! You are an Awesome God!

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