Monday, November 23, 2009

just do it

I'm still blown away by what God did yesterday at Grace Community. As a Pastor at Grace I have experienced so many amazing interventions of Jesus. Yet, yesterday was a milestone. We began our day with an electricity in the auditorium as 36 people went public in baptism.

The stories still have me weeping of transformed lives. As in the case above, a mother and her two children and her brother all took the plunge together!

Sisters baptized sisters, friends baptized friends, dads baptized their kids, as did moms. It was the very picture of the great commission being unfolded before our very eyes. In the last 5 months we have seen 120 baptisms here at Grace.

We wrapped our evening off, with the most life-changing communion service I have ever been part of. I will blog more about that tomorrow with pictures.

But so much time is wasted these days talking about how to take the Gospel to unsaved people, instead of just doing it. Good people argue over methods, programs and evidence. Yet nothing is more visible of an inward transformation than going public in baptism.

You see, I wish I had the time, to tell you each story, but the majority of these people have been introduced to Jesus at Grace. They let everyone else know that they have a life-changing relationship with him, by taking the plunge. One of the best evidences of new believers, is a baptistery full of people and water!

So if you find yourself talking and wondering if there is new life in your church, take a close look at the baptistery. FOR that will dismiss the talk about whether or not, new life is seen and salvation is evident! Thanks Jesus for taking over!

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