Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I sat today with my staff today at Martins, and we talked about the weekend services. We debriefed and rejoiced in what God did this weekend. We talked about all the details of the service. We asked each other hard questions. We prayed, we asked that God would keep us on track.

Then we began discussion on the Christmas Eve Services. We found ourselves excited about what could happen in people's lives. We discussed how Christmas Eve will probably have many first time guests. We started to get excited about people encountering Jesus.

We prayed, we begged God to take over. Then, we left and came back to the Church building, ready to do our part. I am blessed to serve with this team! I'm like the little kid on Christmas Eve waiting, yet this time waiting on God to move hearts and draw people to him! I can't think of a better moment than that!

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