Wednesday, December 23, 2009

First Impressions

First Impressions go a long way. At Grace we know this, and realize that on any given Sunday someone might walk into our Church for the very first time.

For some it is a gigantic step, unfamiliar territory, and quite frankly a lot of unknowns.

That is why I love people like Anne above, who volunteers to greet people by the door.

This handshake might be the first impression a guest gets of Jesus. It might be the boost they need to get through the week. It might be the reason why they choose to come back. It might be the first step to open their hearts to Jesus.

The same is true for us as followers of Jesus. What first impression are you giving people each day? Do they see Jesus in you? A first impression will go a long way this Christmas season. Way to GO ANNE!

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Keith said...

This is a great, important principle. Thanks Jim. And, may you and your family have a very happy and significant celebration of the incarnation of our Savior this season.