Friday, December 4, 2009

Getting It

What is the thing, the word, the explanation that causes us to get it? I mean we have all kinds of offers hitting our in-boxes, our mailboxes, and our tech devices. Why do people say yes to unloading their resources for one good cause, versus another good cause?

I think there are many reasons that this happens. On some level a need must be surfaced and it must grip our hearts. The Holy Spirit becomes the agent that determines this for us. When He does prod us, we want to do something about it.

I marvel at this process because week after week, I try to lay a challenge out before my people and ask them for buy in. Will they surrender, give, submit, obey, repent, sacrifice or consider?

On some level the presenter must have already bought in, and he must deliver it out of a passionate heart. Well, 15 months ago Grace Community Got it! They rescued 40 orphans in Asia. Take a close look at the faces of our kids and rejoice in the investment! Way to Get it Grace!

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