Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Hindrances to prayer

Is it possible for our prayers to be hindered in some way? YES! The Bible gives clear evidence that there are a variety of things that hinder our prayers.

This past Sunday I gave a message on Uncharted Prayer. I talked about the ceiling tiles we place over our prayers when we talk to God. Wow, did I ever get some amazing feedback from that Message. On guy said, " I have been a Christian a very long time and never knew that."

The short and sweet is this, God wants you to pray, so don't stop praying, but the way we live can hinder our prayers! In case you are interested here they are:

James 4:3 wrong motives
Isaiah 59:1-2 Sin
Ezekiel 14:3 idols
Proverbs 21:13 deaf ear to the poor
Mark 11:25 Holding something against someone, unforgiveness
1 Peter 3:7 rift between Husband and Wife
James 1:5-7 unbelief, doubt

Any thoughts out there?

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