Friday, February 12, 2010

Jeep Muscle

Great way to start a Friday morning. Every man enjoys hooking up his 4x4 to a stranded vehicle. This is why I keep my chain in the back for moments like these. Grrrrr!

Nothing theological here, just a great testosterone high for every 4x4 owner out there. Gotta go now and write a message on generosity, there has to be an illustration in here in some fashion.

Oh yeah, the driver (with the initials J.E.F.F) got stuck trying to beat Pastor Rich to the parking lot! So much for shortcuts. And word has it that after he got stuck he said "I got to get out of here before Jim gets here!" Imagine me giving a guy in a 4x4 with a plow a hard time?


Ryan and Anna Brillhart said...

As a fellow owner of a Jeep I know the joys of playing in the snow with Jeep 4X4 power!

Jim Brown said...

go Jeep!

Dana said...

Hate to tell you Jim but it is definately NOT just a man thing.....I've driven a jeep for years and LOVE to play in the snow in my Rubicon and have pulled out several stuck men!

Jim Brown said...

You go girl!