Monday, February 15, 2010

Spontaneous movements of God

Yesterday I spoke on Uncharted Generosity. I shared an illustration of how one of the Orphan Kids at Asia's Hope, gave from his extreme poverty.

When we were there as a family last year we were saying our goodbyes, and a young boy approached Isaiah with a gift. Isaiah had become friends with many of the children and it was difficult to say goodbye. This little boy gave him one of his only possessions, a bamboo bank. It was a moving moment as he passed it on to Isaiah. It was definitely the widow's mite in action.

Isaiah since then has been filling it up with his own dollars and coins. His desire is to return it completely filled, and give it back so these kids can enjoy it, however they want.

Well, I told the story, and as we were winding down the second service with a slide presentation, a sweet lady on her own walked up and handed me change, to put in the bank. Wow, was it a moving moment as many others came and stood in line, and dropped coins and dollars in the bank too. Needless to say Generosity was flowing and so were tears from me. The bank is now full and ready to be busted open so we can count the money, and Isaiah can hardly wait to do so!

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