Thursday, March 4, 2010

Best Line of Defense

I found this note in the refrigerator when I got home last night. I laughed out loud when I read it. It appears this is the best line of defense for Isaiah, on his pop that was placed in the Walgreens container.

Sometimes, you have to go to major lengths to protect your stuff when you are the youngest! I love the number of arrows on the paper, just in case one may be confused with the location of the pop. I must admit the thought occurred to me, to take a sip, but I didn't. Any kid that goes to these extremes has my vote of protection.


Jamie said...

Aww, that is cute! I'm sure Isaiah does have to mark his things at your house!! lol

But listen Jimmy, I remember seeing in Kim & Mark's refrigerator food that MARK had to tag with his name on it so HIS KIDS wouldn't eat it. Seriously! I guess we all want to label "our stuff." Huh?

監控 said...
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Dana said...

I love that kid! lol!