Thursday, April 1, 2010

A chance of a lifetime

Yesterday I was asked to write an article for the Goshen News this weekend, explaining what the resurrection means to us today.

My first thought was I do not have time with all the planning and prep for the Easter Weekend. Then the Holy Spirit reminded me of my desire to reach the world for Jesus, like Billy Graham has. So, I said absolutely yes!

So, I ask you to pray for my hands above as I put the finishing touches on my article. Pray that it is relevant, real, and elevates Jesus Christ. Pray that it reaches people deep inside and causes them to turn to Jesus.

Pray that God places it in a spot that everyone can read it, and be blessed with Hope! Just pray that Jesus gets all the glory! Look for it on Saturday, and if the editor of the Goshen News finds it worthy it could appear in Section A on Easter Sunday! Pray!


MarlaMae said...

I've got a feeling God already chose you and KNOWS you're the right one to write this article, Jim--carry on, dear friend! Praying for you, as usual, but with a little more 'umf' today!

Jim Brown said...

with humble gratitude I say thanks