Sunday, April 11, 2010

the other part...

We got to hang out with the rest of Grace Community today. We worshipped with our church in South Bend this morning. It was so good to see how this group is growing in the Lord. There is such a sweet spirit among our people there.

As we drove up Ironwood this morning, and turned on Edison our sign just stood out. It brought a huge smile to my face, and I was so proud of my church.

We stayed in south bend and ate at the House of Pancakes right behind our church. Hannah jumped on the scales and was shocked that she weighed 215 lbs, and that was before the pancakes.
Truth be known Isaiah weighed 215 also, but was thrilled with the weight.

My two most favorite Brown girls posed for a photo. I must admit they sure are beautiful.
You know our campus here is video venue, so I got to watch myself preach. It is a strange, yet great time to learn from yourself. I will admit I laughed at myself a few times during the message, and I even knew what I was going to say next.
Hannah commented when I asked everyone to stand and read the Bible passage, if it was weird to read with myself? I commented that I talk to myself all the time, so it really wasn't that weird. Great way to spend a Sunday!


MarlaMae said...

Well, we missed you at the Goshen Campus, but Rich did a wonderful job and I'm thrilled that you were able to just "be" with your family (the Browns AND the SB/Mish Gracies!)

Tim Boucher said...

Great to see the Browns and we laugh AT you too!!