Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Upside of my Grandfather's Funeral

Easter Sunday was a bag of so many mixed emotions for me . I watched 150 cross the line from death to life in salvation. The same morning around 12:30 AM, my grandfather, William Francis Nutter, passed away. He was 95 years old and lived a full life. He knew the Lord and we found great comfort in that.

So we made a trip back to Maryland for his funeral service. It was so good to see so many family members that I have not seen in years. I stood at the grave site for an hour, listening to Pap Pap's kids, tell stories about him.

I laughed and I cried as each person shared story after story of his life. I almost pulled the preacher card and said okay we must move on, but I didn't because it was so much fun.

Later, we gathered at my mom's house for lunch. The picture above includes, my Uncle Tim, Aunt Wilma, Aunt Linda, Uncle Bill and mom.

I am 1 of the 13 grandchildren, and pictured above are a few of my cousins and one of my sisters (top left).

But the beautiful thing about funerals is that you get to reconnect with family. I have not seen some of my cousins and aunts or uncles in years, but it felt like we hadn't missed a beat. The upside of funerals also gives you a chance to remind yourself of how important it is to leave a godly legacy.

I found myself wondering, what might be said about me, as my kids stand and tell stories.

I loved my pap and he really loved his family and worked hard at it. I will never forget his laugh, his will to win, him foot-racing younger guys even in his 50's, his finely tuned sled that whipped us at the age of 64, and how he umped from the stands. But my favorite gift that he left ,was his relationship with Jesus, and because of that ,I get to see him again. But until then I'm sure he has taken over half of heaven. I love you Pap Pap!


Dana said...

So sorry for your loss, Jim and family. So glad that he knew Jesus and is with him now!

Jim Brown said...

thanks Dana..