Thursday, May 13, 2010

Upside Down

After our services on Sunday we had Bonzai bikes set up for Kids and Moms. Well, before they loaded up the bikes Hannah and I went for a ride.

I was ready to break the speed barrier. But after preaching for 3 services, I forgot how much it physically affects my body. As I got on the bike, my legs began to cramp and I realized that I hadn't hydrated myself enough that morning. But that didn't stop me from going the distance against my daughter.

Something happens to your equilibrium when you are upside down, and I quickly went into the Focus Zone. I looked down the entire time and peddled like a maniac, not wanting my 16 year old daughter to pass me up.

After 4 laps the plan was all coming together, and I would once again be crowned champion of the world. But Hannah had her own plans and my world ended upside down on lap 5, as Hannah giggled her way right by me.

The victory smile on my daughter. Meanwhile I stumbled down the steps with wobbly legs and grateful that I hadn't eaten anything substantial that morning.
Kudos to Hannah as she whooped up on her daddy. My only consolation was that no one was there to see me get lapped.

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