Tuesday, May 25, 2010

We couldn't do it without you

Grace takes hundreds of volunteers, to keep ministry going, week in and week out. For a church of our size we keep our staff size at a minimum. In fact, I often get a real puzzled look from people, when I tell them how many full time staff members we have.

But the reason we can make it happen, is because we have a huge volunteer staff. Grace is loaded with people who get it!

This past Friday night we had a volunteer appreciation night. We showed a movie, passed out free popcorn, served free snowcones and the Pastors and Elders served the volunteers.

It was a hoot as families enjoyed the time together and just relaxed.

We have many incredible voluneers.

I loved how every person seemed to enjoy the evening.

I wish we could have done so much more, because our volunteers deserve it. But it was just a small way to say thanks. Plus, I had so much fun serving up snowcones and hanging out with my church.
Thanks Grace Community, you are making a kingdom difference!

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