Thursday, June 17, 2010

Back Seat Perspective

Life continues to press on and for some reason doesn't pause long enough for us to savor moments. Last night, Anne and I were seated in the back of Hannah's new vehicle.

We just took time to enjoy the moment as she drove and Isaiah co-piloted the Mustang. We took the back seat to her life for an evening. I was overcome with such joy and gratitude for her. I could see a grin on her face from the rear-view mirror. Her smile was priceless, as was the ride in the back seat with my wife.

As Isaiah cranked the tunes and shuffled them non-stop, I reflected back to when Hannah was born, and how I longed for her to love Jesus, love others, and enjoy the life God would give her.

These simple moments are worth savoring, and we did over some Dairy Queen ice-cream, because the Chief was packed out. Take time today and savor a moment because before you know it your kids will be gone.

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