Saturday, June 19, 2010

On the Brink

Tons of hours have gone into the planning of tomorrow's DadFest. These chairs will be set up early tomorrow morning. Hopefully full of people who will hear the good news of Jesus, and make a commitment to him. We have checked off our lists and the volunteers are ready to love on people.

It is one of those times that everything will fail if God doesn't clear the skies. We don't have a plan B at this point. So as I did a prayer walk today, over the property I asked God again to hold the rains, so that this day can happen.

It's out of our hands now and the only way it will not fail, is if God takes over. It is such an exciting place to be when you totally are relying on Jesus.

I'm pumped because someone could be on the brink of moving from death to life forever, tomorrow.

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