Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Take time and remember

One of my goals for this year is to take time and remember to celebrate. Take those windows of time that God gives you and Cherish them without moving too quickly to the next event.

Picture if you can how many households were changed forever on our DadFest outreach. Picture how the population of heaven was enlarged because God chose to show up and give us a window of clear weather.

So today I am doing what I set out as a goal, take more time to celebrate God's goodness to us on DadFest Sunday.

Clear weather after 7 continuous days of rain, injury free ride of over 150 motorcycles, 100's of volunteers making it happen, hundreds of first time guests, moving inspiring worship, Men, men and more men, 74 lives making commitments to trust Jesus, 2675 people in one spot worshipping together, reserve police officer winning the honda shadow motorcycle, fun show stopper games, post bike games, hot Keith Miller chicken, tasty Ed Christner hotdogs, rockin life is a highway song by Eric Mumaw and tons of laughter, tears and hugs! Now that is something to celebrate!

1 comment:

Andy Jewett said...

It really was a great time... I am very thankful for GCC.