Saturday, July 17, 2010


Not too often are you able to get feedback after speaking at conferences. Well, this week a few teens were interviewed after I encouraged teens to remain pure. It was a pretty candid message that goes against the tide of the world.

I exposed the lie that "Its just Sex!" Oh, how I wish more teens understood this lie, and would remain pure! Needless to say there were some very real moments in the message to drive this point home

And here are few of the teens commenting on what they heard
Emma - Marysville, OH
"It was really inspiring. It was interesting to see the science for marriage, and it just proves so much more than what you've really heard before.."

Laurel - Modesto, CA
"It's an important message, especially the way everyone kind of sees sex nowadays....No girl wants to be known for having sex but, with guys, it's almost a status....I just liked how he was talking that it really does affect your marriage. I like all the statistics that he threw in because anything you can back up with evidence really seems outstanding."

"How great is God with all the extra baggage that I have He's still going to take me and want me and--and I feel a lot cleaner than I did when I came in here. I know I'm going to change my life from now on, and I'm going to live with Him."

Austin - Loveland, OH
"Before I didn't really think about it being a big issue, but now I see it as one of the more important parts of my life--to not have sex and to keep a pure relationship for my future wife."

Tim - Loveland, OH
"Common sense and scientific facts were blended to support an ultimate truth...that God does not want any of us to have sex before marriage."


Joel and Amy Haldeman said...

have you read the book 'hooked" by joe s. mcilhaney and freda mckissic bush---it's such a great secular book on this topic on how scientic research shows the impact casual sex is having on the developing brains of teenagers and young adults...Joel had to read it for one of his seminary classes & it's one of my fav books right now!

Sheila said...

WOW Jim I have to say that that is amazing if you can reach the teens to stay pure until marriage or if it at least reaches a few of them.. but I truly believe that if anyone can reach them it would be you.. You are an amazing preacher Jim your teachings have changed my family so much...I love all the pastors at Grace and am so blessed to go to Grace!