Friday, July 23, 2010

A leader's Presence

Leaders lead, plain and simple. This happens in a variety of ways and is often visible to the eye. Yet, there are other qualities of leaders that happen without a word spoken.

Let me try to explain. I call it "a leader's presence."

Some leaders can walk into a room and not say a word, yet their presence is felt by everyone that is there. People watch them from a distance and learn from them. The mere fact that they are in the room can bring encouragement, challenge, or approval to others. I can think of a few people who carry this presence.

Any thoughts out there on this one?


Joel said...

I have seen the negative consequences of a leaders lack of presence, in work and church situations. It is critical to have a leader that isn't always necessarily engaged, but at least present.

Andy Jewett said...

a gift and a responsibility... often times eternity hangs in the balance of how this gift is used or squandered. I am learning the weight of that responsibility at the moment.

J said...

I definitely agree! It’s always interesting to watch the change in a room when a true leader enters. I’ve noticed that affect no matter what the situation or venue. As I think back, I can remember the names, and actions of the good and great leaders I have had in my life. The bad ones, are usually forgotten. Obviously, all leave a mark on your life, some you choose to emulate, and some you want to avoid.

To me, the study of leadership is one of the most universal pursuits I have found. Regardless of your position, personality, status, or lifestyle you can benefit from being a better leader.

Jim Brown said...

great thoughts guys