Monday, July 26, 2010


Yesterday as a church, we walked in the 4H Parade. The theme for this year involved being rooted. Our Church carried a cross the whole way through the parade and handed out freeze pops.

Our cross had music piping from within as it contain a generator, sound system and mixing board. Along the way, people stood and clapped and you could hear cheering from parade watchers.

I carried the left front beam and walked the route. There were so many moving moments for me along the way. I kept thinking what Jesus did for us as he carried his cross. Needless to say nothing compares to what Jesus did.

Oh yeah, this is such a small consolation in my mind, but we placed first in the open float division.

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Andy Jewett said...

I regret not being there, Sara was working... so I used the excuse that having all 3 kids by myself was too much to participate. missed opportunity.

Thank, God, for the testimony of the church and even for the recognition for the hard work that I am sure went into making the display.