Monday, July 19, 2010

real deal

There are very few people that you meet in this lifetime that walk the talk. Mark Cahill is one of those guys. I first came in contact with him about three years ago when I led our conference in Florida. I asked him to be one of my keynote speakers. Anne and I spent a night in Tampa with him. He is 6'8" tall and it was quite a sight when the two of us stood side by side.

We picked him up in my rental car and walked the streets together. He was really burdened for the people and he just loved on everyone we came in contact with that night. Plus he gave everyone of his books out to the pastors at the conference at no cost.

I first read a book he wrote and was impressed with his desire to see people know Jesus . His book was one that couldn't be put down and I read it from cover to cover in one setting. He played basketball with Charles Barkley in college and is a personal friend to Albert Pujols and has been in the company of Tiger Woods and many professional athletes.

So this week once again we got to cross paths as we spoke in the same conference together this week. I also introduced him the night he spoke and spent some time chatting with him on the sidelines before and after. He delivered a heartfelt challenge to the teens and shared many stories of how God is using him in evangelism.

Mark is the real deal and is making a difference in our world for Jesus. As I was driving away from conference I received a text from him that said stay focused and bold. Hey Mark , I want you to know that the world is a better place because of you!

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