Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Everything about this picture is right

I was looking through our weekend's pictures from Sunday and this one popped out. I love how we have someone in a tank top, polo shirt, buttoned up shirt, and dress.

And the thing that centers all is that everyone is reading from their Bibles. I just got to believe that this is the picture of a church that stirs the heart of Jesus.
Plain and simple I just feel privileged to be a part of Grace Community Church, where all people from all walks of life can come!


Andy Jewett said...


Tory said...

Are you trying to say it does not matter who you are/what you wear...you are a pastor that does not judge?

Dana said...

It's even more than that, Tory.....Grace is a CHURCH that doesn't judge:)

Northridgemomx2 said...

We feel very accepted at Grace and are thankful for such great people from all walks of life! Amen Pastor Jim!