Sunday, September 5, 2010

western mindsets are difficult to break

We live in a spirit world, we are spiritual beings, yet we live as though we are not.

Seriously our world view constantly defaults to the physical. When something breaks down or breaks up we instantly try to fix it. When everything falls apart we look for ways to physically fix it.

We even seem to value physical acts or gestures as more significant, yet are they? I spend time on every trip that I lead overseas, helping teammates understand this reality better. So today, we took time and built a wall. Not a physical wall, but a spiritual wall. We prayer walked around the perimeter and begged God to send his protection to line the property with his angels, to keep Satan out and to send angels to guard the entryway.

I really believe that what we did today might be the most significant thing we have done so far this week. Even though it wasn't brick and mortar it was just as important and offers greater protection for our kids. You know, we do live in a spirit world and we don't battle against flesh and blood!

And yes, the hand above is mine, as I stood at the entryway to the orphanage, and asked God to guard it with his angels!

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John said...

I pray constantly for God to send "fleets of Angels to protect that property and those children." What your team is doing over there right now is awesome! Keep up the good work Jim!