Wednesday, October 13, 2010

this is your race

I snapped this photo off last night as Hannah ran in the sectional race at Ox Bow Park. You can also see the arm and finger of an individual in this shot.

The arm is a close friend and the coach of Fairfield XC. He is shouting out loud at this point, as he does to all the girls " this is your race Hannah!" Kirt constantly encourages along the race path to his team to ignore the voice that says "you can't do it" and to focus ahead, and not behind, but on the next person or group of girls.

As I ran with him to various spots along the way, I watched him coach and encourage the team. We too, need to ignore the voice in our head that says we can't do it, and set our sights on the goal ahead. Oh yeah, just for the record, as we ran a team relay at Wild at Heart this weekend up the side of the mountain , while being tied together with rope; one of his teammates reminded him to ignore the voice! Go run your race that is marked out ahead of you today!

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