Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The need for more

On a recent trip to Cambodia I snapped this photo on Road 5. God has given me an unusual love for this Country and for the people and for the orphans located there. I love the way they do not waste any resource available to them, and how they make the most of every truck and trailer.

I always come back from these mission's trips conflicted and messed up in a good way. I jump back into our world and feel the pressure for more, the need for better, bigger, and faster. Yet, if we were really honest, the moments in our lives that give us the greatest joy are the just the opposite. Stuff is so temporary and empty, the second we purchase a new product, a new and better one catches our eye and we think we need it. We can begin this endless pursuit of temporary satisfaction.

So as the ads bombard us for more, bigger, faster, and newer we will have to ask ourselves some hard questions. Do I really need this or that? I suspect there are some things we will need. But if we are looking to fill that spot that is crying out for more then consider giving something away, and you might be surprised how good that feels.

It is more blessed to give then to receive... Acts 20:35

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