Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday night reflections

photos by Gary Welling

We took time today to address our thinking. We must guard our minds and take captive every thought, so that our minds do not get muddied,polluted or poisoned with wrong thoughts. Every day we have choices to make regarding our thinking. We can choose to be pessimistic or optimistic.
We must be intentional about protecting and guarding what gets put into our cage of thoughts.

As I said today, we are directly impacted by many outside influences. If we are not careful we can be groomed by Satan and move from the mooring point of truth. We can easily become desensitized to evil. And all it takes is one little piece of poison to damage the whole mind. I actually demonstrated this by placing one little piece of rat poisoning in a pumpkin pie.
If you were there this morning, Basketballs were flying all over the auditorium. As I was stressing the need to take captive every single thought and making it obedient to Jesus. If the thought was not obedient then throw it out. Boy did that wake up the place as balls were tossed.

Way too many followers of Jesus, spend their lives pointing out faults, finding the negative in every situation, and sucking the life out of people. It's time we remove the negative influences in our lives that damage our minds.

I honestly think if we gain control of our thoughts we could live to the potential Jesus wants us to live!

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