Friday, January 14, 2011

The after-taste

I have been preparing for a while the new theme for Grace Community this year. When you spend large portions of time on something it ruptures your life at unique moments. It even becomes the lens through which you evaluate everything.

Our Theme is "I am Legacy."

Some foods can leave their mark on our breaths way past dinnertime, sometimes for days. In fact every word that you speak can be an arsenal of cancer for anyone within ten feet of your conversation. Your after-taste is undeniable!

I long to leave behind a godly legacy for the generations to come and work hard at it and have become intentional about it. As I was flipping through some photos from my recent visit back home I came across this one. It it my dad and my daughter standing in a sports store. It is classic Dad, buying something for his granddaughter. My Dad is one of the most generous people I have ever known. He is a giver.

When my Dad passes on one day his legacy of generosity will be left behind. You can't spend time with my dad without the aroma of generosity seeping from him.

This is such a phenomenal legacy to pass on to his kids and grand kids! How will people remember you, what legacy are you building? What will be the after-taste on others after they have spent time with you?

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