Wednesday, January 19, 2011


As a parent you love to see your children work together as a team. Time marches on quickly and each child could possibly one day find themselves states away from their siblings.

We took time on Monday to sled ride, brown-style, fast and furious!

Our family is very close and I love it when Josh takes time to pour into his little brother. I love it when I see the two of them tucked into a room just doing life together. Josh has been home for winter break from college and has invested valuable time into his little brother.

It moves me deeply because what better mentor can there be then an older godly brother?

There will come a day down the road years from now that Isaiah will remember this.

Plus it encourages me so much because it will continue to shape Isaiah into a man after God's heart.

Anytime I get to hang out with my family and drag them around with my jeep in 4wheel drive it is a good day. Plus, Anne joined us and laughed her head off too, as she was pulled around the field.
I can feel really good about the mentoring taking place here.

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