Monday, January 17, 2011

Pin drop moments

Preaching is one of the many ways to connect people to Jesus. It is a chance for a pastor to passionately share the truths about our amazing Savior! Yet each week it is a daunting challenge to help people learn the truths of the Bible through linear proclamation.

There are so many kind of learning styles. And if we want to reach everyone as best as possible, a pastor must take that into consideration each weekend.

On Sunday we wanted to drive home the truth "I am legacy." Out of that came one of the most meaningful moments that I have ever been part of, as people paraded their own photo of their legacy on a framed picture, to open up the message.

It ruptured my heart as I saw many of the individuals deeply moved and some to tears as they carried their own photo onto the stage.

It also set the tone for the message by showing that their legacy is alive and a daily work. Needless to say for the visual learners it stuck and hopefully pushed them to live their legacy each day! It was definitely a pin-drop moment at Grace Community yesterday.

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