Thursday, February 3, 2011

Don't kill the little boy

Okay inside of every man is a little boy that longs to get out. The part of you that still thinks you can run and jump at break-neck speed without feeling the effects on your body. The part that says I can still do that. The part that longs for carefree days where the only concern is whether or not you will be able to be home in time for supper.

Every Man has this is inside him, but then he ages and the responsibilities of life tries to squeeze it out. Meetings, schedules, IRA's, mortgages, investments, blah blah...

So we grow old and predictable, we keep our shoes shined and our yards manicured, we are clean shaved and dressed in our dockers. Everything is serious and we quite frankly can be a lifeless pile of hot air for our kids.

I choose to live life differently. I will not be the dad or husband who kills the little boy in me. I will run through mud puddles and streams. I will sign up for men's events that push me to the edge because the little boy must get out and and not be caged. Plus snow forts and tackle football in the snow gives every dad a chance to unplug and build memories with the ones that will live way beyond him.

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