Friday, March 4, 2011

Make it personal

When I became a Father it freshly shaped the way I prayed to God. I began to understand better the Father / Child relationship of communication. It enhanced my prayer language because now I understood that I was going to my Dad and talking to him, just like my kids would come to me.

I realized as a father that I would do anything for my kids within my power if they asked for help. I realized that I loved when they talked to me and shared their victories and struggles. In fact, I would often stop what I was doing and just listen to them because I was genuinely interested and loved them dearly.

This relationship helped me understand too that  the times where we just talked about life and sat in each other's presence without words was rich and rewarding. I also loved the times when they came and just said I love you dad! I enjoyed the moments where we laughed and just enjoyed one another.

It also made my prayer life with God more authentic, because now I was the child going to a Father who longed to do and have every experience I have with my own kids.

All that to say this, as you approach God today, remember he is your Father and he is on your side and he loves it when you live in such a way that pleases him. Plus, he longs for moments when you just talk to him about Science, Math, Dating and the Things of Life. And he is ready to assist you in any way to help you flourish! Now go to talk your Father/God

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