Friday, April 22, 2011

As soon as they received the news

I received this unedited email below from our dear house parents in Cambodia after they received the news of Grace Community Church giving enough to build a permanent home for them.

Dear pastor Jim Brown,

Praise God for His great answer.
Your kids are very exciting while they heard the building is going to start soon, they praise God and pray untill drop their tear.
Thank you very much for your heart and your compasson on your kids.
please see your kids activities pictures they are cleaning the land, they chose the place where the team and you stood and prayed.
God bless you.
Best regarding, Vando and seyla

We serve a great God!
The smile is priceless...
Our dear house parents.. Vando and Seyla, can you see the joy on their faces!
Overwhelmed with joy as I type!

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