Monday, April 18, 2011

YOU did it

 So three years ago, we began an amazing journey of rescuing 44 kids in Asia. We have homes in Thailand and Cambodia. Just recently we purchased land to build a permanent home for our kids in Cambodia (pictured above). Our children have been in a rented home in Cambodia and we have longed to build a new home for them. So we prayed and set aside a date to have a special offering to build this home.

Well, yesterday at the end of the service we took a special offering for this project and we collected 57,268.56. Enough to do the project.
Way to go Grace Community Church... These kids and a few more pictured above will receive that news this week and they will be dancing into the night!

I SURE do love my church and the way they care for the needs of the world. I cant wait to be there with them to celebrate this new home! Shouting from my laptop!


rmodeler said...

Praise The Lord!!
Romans 8:28

Jon Rauch said...

Just awesome!

Matthew said...

That just gives me "good" chills through the body. So awesome!

Kevin Noble said...

AWESOMEOSIS!!!! The chorus to "50 years from now" just popped into my brain -

Fifty years from now
What will we remember?
Fifty years from now
What will we have to treasure?
If we walk away from this
What will we have missed?
Fifty years, Fifty years from now.