Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Give it away

There is a 100% mortality rate. Everyone of us will pass away unless the Rapture occurs first. With that being said, we have only so long to live on this side of eternity. I firmly believe that God has placed us here for a reason and has a unique purpose for our lives.

I also know that he desires us to live in relationship with others. I get the opportunity to meet many people at the crossroads of death. Each time I sit at a memorial service I wonder did this person give their life away or did they let it die in the grave? There is little value in dying and not passing onto to the next generation.

My hope is that when people stand at my grave that I have passed something good onto them, because of my time spent with them. I would be devastated if all the wisdom, knowledge, skills, intellect that have been collected over the years would die with me.

I am moved deeply by this picture above as Isaiah's golf coach is pouring into my son. Randy is doing what I long to be doing everyday of my life, passing it on. Don't spend your life only on the taking end, give it away!

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