Thursday, May 5, 2011


There is something special that happens in my heart each year as I till up the ground for a garden. Part of it takes me back to my childhood as we spent endless hours working in a garden. But more than that I love the process of planting seeds and watching them grow.

I love that something that was so dead a few days ago has the potential for new life in the weeks ahead. I love that it is possible to see lots of fruit and vegetables because of one seed,or one plant.

It also requires hard work to help the plant thrive. We must pull weeds, water and fertilize the garden so that the best crop can be harvested.

Maybe the reason I enjoy it so much is that the same can be true for a seed that is planted in a person's life. What once seemed barren and dead can come alive and thrive in a new relationship with Jesus. Especially, if we just till ground, plant the seed, water, fertilize and labor hard and in both cases watch God bring the increase!

Can't wait to see the crop that comes from our garden!

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