Thursday, June 2, 2011

Identity Crisis

So what do you see when you look into the mirror each morning? The picture that your mind draws up in that moment of time impacts every decision you make with your life.

There seems to be a great identity crisis in our world today, especially among Christ-followers. They seem to believe the lies that Satan brings their way that they aren't good enough, wealthy enough, intelligent enough and so many other "not enough deficiencies."

I choose to believe otherwise, because in Christ we are significant and empowered for so much more then we choose to believe. It's time we make a bold stand when the stares of onlookers around us say we don't belong there. Besides, Jesus endured a brutal death on the cross to give us identity we should not waste that by wallowing our minds in the landfills of our past. It is time to live above and beyond that and tell the mirror "in Christ there is nothing impossible for us to accomplish!" That is what I thought this morning as I looked at my reflection. How about you?

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